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To help our nutritionist, Rachel, prepare for your session she asks you to complete a detailed questionnaire and return it to her.  This enables research to be completed prior to your visit and ensures you receive maximum value from the session.  The nutritionist spends 60 minutes on your initial consultation, 7 times the length of a typical GP appointment, so there is plenty of time to go into detail about the causes of any symptoms you are suffering and suggest a highly personalized treatment plan to address them.

Using the questionnaire as a basis for discussion, your consultation is used to build a complete picture of your medical and family history, areas of imbalance, current diet, environment and lifestyle.  Your nutritional therapist will then work with you to agree a Nutrition Plan which typically consists of two elements:

  • 1. The nutritionist suggests changes to your eating habits which are realistic and achievable, while being targeted to address any imbalances that are contributing to your current health problems or concerns.
  • 2. High quality nutritional supplements may be recommended to repair any damage to your digestive system, to deal with any imbalances or to ensure your ongoing wellbeing.

A 60 minute nutrition consultation costs 80.

Once you have followed your Nutrition Plan for four to six weeks, we recommend a follow-up consultation with the nutritionist to assess your progress.  During this discussion, any necessary adjustments to the Nutrition Plan are identified.  The impact of any nutritional supplements can also be reviewed and, if necessary, adjustments made to your supplement plan.  The rate of progress varies with individual cases, but patients are often aware of improvements within this initial six to eight week week period.

The follow-up session costs 50.

We have discounts for people on low wages and benefits.

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